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A data-viz book about the water footprint of food production and trade

by Water To Food Team

The United Nations "call for actions" defined by the global Agenda 2030 aims to tackle the world's challenges. In particular, SDG 6, “Clean Water and Sanitation”, wishes to engage the community toward action ensuring water security. Climate change is worsening the already harsh conditions, with more than two billion people living in highly water-stressed areas. Thus, balancing water demand with availability is a tremendous challenge for humankind. In light of such considerations, the water footprint and virtual water concepts – the ones we framed within dimension 0 of this book – are intrinsically related to the complexity of the dynamics of the society, economy, and environment. To fully catch the shape of dimension 0, other dimensions pertaining to these dynamics must be considered. We identify in the virtual water trade, socio-economic and governance issues, resilience and vulnerability, and environmental impact, these other dimensions. The charts, data, and illustrations of this book spotlight how these dimensions relate and provide useful information to address change-making actions to take care of water resources in the global food system.